Business Blueprint

In order to operate a business, you have the following expenses:

Fixed Expenses

Lease, Payroll, Taxes, Equipment, Licenses, Insurance,

Materials/Merchandise, Operating Capitol

Most of your fixed expenses are uncontrollable.

How do you pay for your fixed expenses?

Productive Expenses!

Sales Reps, Signs, and Advertising: TV, Newspaper, Radio, Flyers,

Direct Mail, Internet Advertising

Cost Comparison

TV advertising reaches a huge number of people, but it’s very expensive

Radio also reaches a huge number of people, and is slightly less expensive, but

Which radio station is best for you? There are 15 radio stations in Metro Atlanta

Newspaper has lost its readership because of the Internet. In order to reach your

Market, you need to advertise every day, and that can get very expensive.

Flyers are a good way to target your market. The cost per piece runs about

12 cents a copy, plus the cost of distribution, and it’s very time consuming.

Direct mail costs about 40 cents per piece, and can get very expensive if you

Service a large area of Metro Atlanta

Printed Yellow Pages can cost you thousands of dollars PER MONTH. The printed Yellow Pages as we know it today will be obsolete within the next 5 years. Also, if you need to make ad changes, you have to wait an entire year or more.

Internet Advertising is the most cost-effective means of reaching a large audience

You can be ONLINE TODAY for as little as a DOLLAR A DAY

A DOLLAR a DAY gets you STARTED RIGHT AWAY!      Metro Atlanta Yellow Pages-Directory of Products and Services

What can you get for a DOLLAR A DAY?

A small hamburger at McDonald’s YES  A Large Coke YES

TV? NO  Radio? NO  Newspaper? NO  Flyers? 8 flyers a day

Direct Mail? 2 ½ pieces a day  Printed Yellow Pages? NO

A Sales Rep? NO  Internet Yellow Pages? YES

You can get a “Business Card Ad” with your business name, logo, 5 lines of ad copy,

Address, telephone number, to your website, E-Mail address and Fax #.

Plus, you get FREE changes instantly for the entire year! Also, if you want to upgrade your ad, you just pay the difference, and your new contract starts over again for that date.  

Which advertising media is best for you?

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