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Dear Business Owner/General Manager:


My name is Frank Nance, Editor and Webmaster of Metro Atlanta Yellow Pages since 1997: www.metroatlantayellowpages.com 

If you own or manage a business anywhere within the Metro Atlanta Area, this letter is directed to you. Warning: There is a whole lot of truthful information  in this letter, so please read carefully.


Do you have a website? (Most every business does have one). If so, are you happy with the kind of "results" you are getting from it? What is your "placement" on the search engines? Are you the 1st listing, or at least on the first page? Are you getting the “hits” you expected? Do your existing or potential customers know your www.website address? Is your website easily remembered? How do new customers find you? Can you make changes easily and on a regular basis if needed, at no extra charge? If you answered NO to any of these questions, you may need help.


WHAT IF you could place your business listing or a custom display ad on a very high traffic website that was either the NUMBER ONE listing or on the first page on Google, Ask, MSN or Yahoo search engines, in just about every major category imaginable? What if you could just send an E-Mail to your Editor/Webmaster and request ad or listing changes, and they were changed the same day, FREE? What if you had questions about your Internet advertising, and you could actually talk to a REAL PERSON? What if you only paid about the cost of a Waffle House cup of coffee a day for this service? Would you be interested?  Of course you would. It just makes good business sense!


Metro Atlanta Yellow Pages can do all of this. We have become the NUMBER ONE Internet Yellow Pages website in Metro Atlanta for virtually every type of business imaginable! We have a very prominent position on all of the major search engines: AOL, Ask, Google, MSN and Yahoo. If you type “Metro Atlanta Yellow Pages”, we have the NUMBER ONE listing on all of these search engines! You would think that AT&T Yellow Pages would have this placement. NO. We’re ahead of them in every instance! That’s powerful.


Check us out. Try this. Go to Google, MSN or Yahoo and type in your business classification. You will have to add "atlanta" or "metro atlanta" or you will get World Wide results! Is your business/website the 1st listing on the first page, or even ON the first page ? That's very important.

(For example: Let's say you own a fabric shop, then you would type "fabric shops metro atlanta" or "fabric shops atlanta". Try this and see what you get).


What does this mean to your business? It means that when you place your business on our website, you will get your share of the business by linking to your website via Metro Atlanta Yellow Pages! Isn’t that what advertising is all about? RESULTS! Does your accountant tell you not to spend money on advertising, but you know deep down that when business is slow, you need to promote your business? Does he still get paid, regardless of how well your business does?


Are you paying too much for your Printed Yellow Page ad, on a monthly basis? Are you paying for wasted circulation? Are you tired of that "built-in 12-15%" rate increase every year? If so, we can help you cut your advertising costs, and yet still get major results from your advertising on our website. *(I worked for BellSouth Yellow Pagesfor almost 25 years, before AT&T, and I retired early because I got tired and embarrassed to tell my customers that they were going to have to pay from 12%-15% increase to keep the same advertising next year!).


Our rates are ANNUAL, NOT MONTHLY. We have the lowest rates in the industry, and yet very cost effective, compared to BellSouth Yellow Pages, TV, radio, newspaper, direct mail, flyers, billboards, magazines, other websites, etc. We guarantee that.


Doesn't this make sense? You CAN afford to advertise with us. You really CAN’T afford not to. Click here to check out our ANNUAL rates. *(Special package rates apply to multiple ads at multiple headings and websites. Don't forget to ask about this offer).

For about the cost of a Waffle House cup of coffee a day, you can have a very nice display ad that gets results, change it FREE, and link directly to your existing website. How does that sound?


Don't delay. Reply today to discuss your needs. We know the market. We can help.

Thank you.


Frank Nance, EditorWebmaster

Locally owned since 1997 and growing...


E-Mail: yellowpagesatl@yahoo.com

*(If you can't use our services, print this out (Hit Ctrl P) or forward it to a friend that has a business. They will thank you for it).


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Thank you for your time.

Frank Nance, Editor/Webmaster...Since 1997

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